Omega house, Ejpovice

Omega house,Ejpovice The assignment places the future building in a development locality near the old village of Ejpovice in the Plzeň Region. In the area there is an all-tasting architecture connected perhaps only by the color of the facades. (gray white). Our design is based on the functional scheme according to the client's specifications. The concept is based on the effort to create an intimate place of rest and living undisturbed by various types of architecture in the area, as well as the neighbors themselves. They refer to an atrium Roman or Italian house. In our case, a kind of "U" turned to the west. On the ground floor there is: Living area: kitchen, dining room, living room, facilities, study, stairwell, whirlpool, wellness facilities and a prominent fitness center, next to which there is a garden background of the land. Upstairs there is: parents' bedroom, one to two children's rooms with all facilities The material of the introductory volume of the kitchen and living room is made of plaster with gray stripes. This space is elevated compared to the others and its clear height will be about 3 m. The rest of the lower floor is lined with stone veneer or plastered with striped light gray plaster. The floor can then be either a wooden building or a brick structure, with the thermal insulation system being clad with a plumbing structure, as well as a counter roof running around our unit. The central composition space of the round atrium object. The whole floor plan is then indicated by the symbol of the Greek letter Omega.

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